Bible 1 Yr – Day 54 – Leviticus

Today we start the book of Leviticus, named as such because it contains many instructions for he Levite priests. The book starts out describing the different types of offerings that can be made. There are burnt offerings, grain offerings and Communion offerings. Something that we tend not to appreciate today is that first century Judaism was a religion of animal sacrifice. Our modern minds tend not to appreciate that for 1,000+ years before Christ the Jewish people were slaughter animals and offering the life of the animal and its body to God as sacrifices. However, these sacrifices were insufficient to make up for the sins of men as they are finite. It is the sacrifice of Jesus that will finally be sufficient to end the need for animal sacrifice.

A key takeaway point is to notice that even though the Jewish religion centered around these animal sacrifices the grain offerings were part of the religion from the beginning. Obviously, the grain offering did not require the spilling of blood. This shows that unbloody sacrifices can also be acceptable to God. This is what happens at the Last Supper and the Crucifixion. Jesus takes the final bloody sacrifice, his crucifixion, and unites it to a grain (i.e. bread offering). Thus, after the resurrection, we can partake of and participate in an acceptable offering to God.

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