Bible 1 Yr – Day 65 – The Sabbath: Day of Rest and SACRIFICE

Today we read Leviticus chapter 23 and 24, in which the practices for all the Jewish holy days are expiated. The first holy day established is the weekly Sabbath. How each holy day is to be celebrated in then detailed. As part of every weekly Sabbath the priest must offer a special sacrifice. They must replace the showbread in the temple with new bread and they must eat the bread from the week before.

You shall take fine flour and bake twelve loaves from it; two tenths of an ephah shall be in each loaf. And you shall set them in two piles, six in a pile, on the table of pure gold before the Lord. And you shall put pure frankincense on each pile, that it may go with the bread as a memorial portion as a food offering to the Lord. EVERY SABBATH DAY Aaron shall arrange it before the Lord regularly; it is from the people of Israel as a covenant forever. And it shall be for Aaron and his sons, AND THEY SHALL EAT IT IN A HOLY PLACE, since it is for him a most holy portion out of the Lord’s food offerings, a perpetual due.

Thus the Sabbath is not just a day of rest it is also a say of sacrifice. It is the day when the weekly offering of the showbread must be consumed by the Jewish priests in the temple. Thus, NO PERSON anywhere in the world today can celebrate the Jewish Sabbath. It is impossible. There are no more Levitical Jewish priests. The temple was destroyed in A.D. 70 and the showbread is no longer in front of the Ark of the Covenant.

However, the keeping of the Sabbath is one of the Ten Commandments so there must be some way that it can be kept? Where is the new showbread? Where is the bread that shows the new covenant with God? Where is the new Temple? Who are the new priests? Where is the new weekly offering of the Sabbath?

In today’s world only one place fulfills all the requirements. That is the Catholic Church.

The Church understands the bread and wine of the Eucharist to be fulfillment of the Showbread (aka the bread of the face of God). Only the Church offers it daily, including on every Sabbath. Only the Church understands this bread to be the actual body and blood of the Lord which is the new temple itself. Only the Church claims that their priests obtain their authority from bishops who can trace their authority directly back to the Apostles.

Why did God establish the Sabbath? It was not just because we need a day off from work. It was because their needed to be day dedicated to the proper worship of God. Today in Leviticus we read that that proper worship was focused around a reminder and renewal of the Covenant by the Priests of the Temple consuming the showbread. Since Jesus does not end the old law but fulfills it there must be some way that this statute is fulfilled today. This fulfillment is in the Eucharist, the butterfly of the showbreads caterpillar.

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