Bible 1 Yr – Day 134 – Get Behind Me Satan!

Today we read the passage in Mark in which Jesus calls Peter satan! This scene seems a little out of character for Jesus and how he treats his Apostles. What’s really going on here?

First, we have to recall that Mark’s gospel is really the record of Peter’s teaching. It is written by Mark who was Peter’s assistant and secretary. Thus, as we have mentioned in the past, Peter is notably absent from the Gospel because Jesus has learned the lessons of humility well. Therefore it is not surprising that when Peter does appear he has cast himself in an unflattering light.

Second, notice that the scene happens just after Mark’s version of Peter’s declaration at Caesarea Philippi that Jesus is the Christ. However, in Mark’s version the “you are the Rock” and the declaration of the giving of the keys is missing. This again reflects Peter’s humility in not putting the focus on himself. It also reflects the fact that as Peter would have been teaching this his audience would have likely know who is his, heard his curious name and likely have known how the name came to be.

Third, notice what Peter is upset about that causes Peter to “rebuke” Jesus. He is saying that He will have to suffer and die and then be raised. Peter doesn’t want this to happen. He is saying that Jesus should not let it happen. This is the same type of thinking that Satan tempted Jesus with in the desert. Then, the devil tried to get Jesus to cast off his humanity and reveal himself to be God and to rule in glory over the earth. Peter is now essentially advocating the same thing. That is why Jesus rebuke Peter is such a harsh way. Salvation will come through suffering and we all must bear our share. In fact, this is what Jesus tells us in the rest of the passage.

But he turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a hindrance to me. For you are not setting your mind on the things of God, but on the things of man.”
24 Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 25 For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. 26 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?

In this passage Jesus has not insulted Peter. Rather, He has taught Peter a vital lesson in a dramatic way. Suffering is a necessary part of life and salvation. Through suffering will come salvation ultimately God’s coming in glory. Peter will have learned this lesson well and will be martyred for Jesus.

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9 Responses to Bible 1 Yr – Day 134 – Get Behind Me Satan!

  1. Jon musso says:

    The purpose of this passage is a lesson that Peter like all the rest of the apostles are under the Christ the lesson is on humility in this passage, but, is directed at Peter to live in submission to the Christ. This is definitely an authority passage. Peter is living for himself in this passage and Christ is rebuking Peter for a selfish arrogant heart that is in rebellion to Christ . Why is Peter living this way? Because Peter is forgetting it’s not about Peter, or a church, or a denomination for that matter it’s about the Christ that is going to the cross, to take the punishment Peter deserves, and we deserve what a king we have. Happy Memorial Day every one.

    • Justin (Ignatius of Loyola) says:

      St. Peter was also crucified. Did he or Christ suffer more? Both men, both tortured, both in Heaven.

      • Jon musso says:

        Christ suffered more Jesus didn’t deserve death, Peter a sinner who deserve the same death as every sinner, but Christ became the substitute for Peter.

      • Justin (Ignatius of Loyola) says:

        How do you know Christ suffered more than St. Peter or any other blessed martyr? How did “Christ become the substitute for Peter” when he suffered the same death as Christ Himself? Just because Christ died for sinners it does not mean we will not suffer death considering Christ died the same way as a sinner, though perfect, furthering His desire to be that much more closer to us as the Son of God. Our physical bodies suffer death to this day and will continue to do so, it’s that now mankind has the opportunity to be with Him in Heaven forever and ever given Our Lord’s ultimate sacrifice of love. We will not get out of this present life so easily or lightly.

  2. Jon musso says:

    You see Peter like Christ the bible doesn’t! Peter deserve hell as a depraved sinner. Jesus took Peter spiritual death, and put it on himself.

    • Justin (Ignatius of Loyola) says:

      The Body suffers as the Head before it. St. Peter is not Christ, but “like Christ”, and the Bible, compiled by those chosen by Christ through His visible Church on earth, point to this. They were not inherently “like Christ”, but made that way by their own free choice to follow Him. St. Peter’s spirit is alive, just as Christ’s. St. Peter, pray for us and the entire world! Christ hears the prayers of the saints which includes His Mother – Our Mother.

      • Jon musso says:

        That fine, but the question was why does Christ suffer more than Peter because he’s connected to Adam and is a sinner Christ the perfect messiah even the comparison is insult to Christ divine authority.

      • Jon musso says:

        Christ doesn’t see Peter any different than he sees you! he went to the cross for both of you. He died for you and Peter the same way.

      • Justin (Ignatius of Loyola) says:

        We are all descendents of Adam. St. Peter is the rock by which Christ built His Church, so of course He sees St. Peter differently. St. Peter is in Heaven, am I? St. Peter is a saint and died for the glory of God, have we? Have we been crucified like both of them? The actual insult is to deny and reject Christ’s authority He established until He comes, again. Christ is the Messiah, the Divine, the perfect, no one denies that, but to say His saints are the same as us, while we have done nothing close to suffering a martyr’s death, is not accurate. They proved they loved Him while we have only just begun doing so in our cushy lives.

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