Day 9 – Do Not Be Anxious

In today’s reading Jesus tells us we should not worry about where and how we will obtain our food and clothing for if God so lavishly adorns the birds and flowers how much more will he care for us, who are his children made in his own image.

In reading this passage one can easily be tempted to the extremes of indifference or skepticism.  One might think, ‘I God is going to provide everything, why should I work?” Or conversely, having had the experience that food and clothes don’t magically appear in our cupboards and closets one can easily write Jesus words off as being sentimental and vague spiritualism.

However, if we look closer at the passage (and keep in mind Scripture generally) we realize that Jesus is not saying not to work.  He is saying not to be anxious about our labors.  Jesus is saying that if we approach our work from a place of calm and trust then our labors will produce the things we need.  Jesus says that instead of worrying we should, “seek first the kingdom and his righteousness”.  In other words, if we work every day with a mindset for pleasing God and fulfilling his will we will treat every day as the gift and opportunity that its mean to be and that will allow us to receive the day’s blessings that God intends.

Finally, Jesus ends this teaching by saying, “Let the days’ own trouble be sufficient for the day.”  This verse is easily overlooked by those who see this teaching as a promise of a life of ease.  However, we see clearly that Jesus is not promising us a life without troubles.  What is he promising is a life or proper perspective.  A life where we don’t worry about things we can’t control but instead focus on those daily tasks that we need to do to help bring God’s will to fruition.

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