Day 15 – Jesus Heals Five People

Today’s reading: Matthew 9:18-38

In the New Testament reading we see Jesus heal five people.  First, the woman with hemorrhages who touches the tassels of his cloak.  Then a dead girl, who we know from elsewhere is the daughter of the heal of the synagogue in Capernaum.  Then two blind men and finally, a person mute because of a demon.  The reading speaks generally of even more healings.  Notice, in all cases it is their faith that sets them apart for God’s great mercy and healing.  Notice also, that the faith of these people is not a sit at home and pray faith type of faith.  The faith of all these people is active.  They go out, even with their infirmaries, and seek the Lord.  It is when they come to Jesus, humble, contrite and asking for healing that they are rewarded.

Tomorrow: Matthew 10:1-23

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