Day 46 – The Parables of the Unfaithful Servant and the Wise and Foolish Maidens

Today’s reading: Matthew 24:45 – 25:13

In today’s reading Jesus continues on His theme of making the point that we do not know when the end times will arrive.  In both parables the people are caught unprepared for the arrival of the master / bridegroom.  Thus, in today’s parables Jesus emphasizes that it is necessary to remain constantly prepared for His return.

Notice that in both parables the result for the unprepared is that they are not allowed into the Master’s house.  Jesus often describes heaven as His Father’s house.  Thus, it is a very safe interpretation that Jesus is saying these people may be denied heaven.  It is also interesting that in the parable of the Unfaithful Servant – the servant is already in the house when the master returns.  This suggest that one may lose their salvation if they stray from the correct path.

Tomorrow: 25:14-30

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