Day 76 – Paul Begins His Ministry

Today’s reading: Acts 13:26-52

Today we read the first recorded account of Paul’s wider preaching.  One thing that is interesting is that we know that Paul was the student of the famous rabbi, Gamaliel.  Most likely because of his reputation as a student of the great rabbi, Paul is invited to speak in the synagogue.  Paul speaks to the Jews by showing them specifically how Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament covenant.

The preaching of Paul is widely successful and large crowds return the next week to hear more.  This produces and effect similar to what we have seen before.  When the people hear and accept the teachings the rulers become nervous of losing their earthly authority so they begin working against those proclaiming the Gospel.  Paul says that it is necessary that things happened this way so that now the Gospel can be proclaimed to the Gentiles.  The focus of their preaching then switches to the gentiles and meets with great success.  At that point another pattern that will become familiar emerges as Paul is then run out of town.

Tomorrow: Acts 14

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