Day 81 – Paul is Beaten and Imprisoned

Today’s reading: Acts 16: 17-40

Today we read about what will become and all too common occurrence for Paul as he is beaten and arrested for preaching the gospel.  The incident stems from Paul’s casting a demon out of a young slave girl.  The possession gave the girl the ability to tell people’s fortunes.  For several days the demon announces that Paul and his companion Silas were “proclaiming the way of salvation”.  It seems the despite what we would presume is the intention of a demon to lead people away from salvation it was compelled to speak the truth about Paul.  When Paul casts the demon out the maters are no longer able to make money from the girl’s fortune telling and they take Paul and Silas to the authorities.

Paul and Silas are arrested, beaten and imprisoned.  However, they are saved when an earthquake hits the town.  The residents quickly recognize it as divine intervention.  The jail guard converts and offers hospitality to Paul and Silas.  The town elders order their immediate release.

The episode is a great example to show us what we must be prepared to endure for the gospel.  Most of us will never have to endure beatings and imprisonment for the Gospel but many of our brother and sisters around the world do.  We should remember them in our prayers constantly.

Tomorrow: Acts 17: 1-15

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