Day 98 – The Voyage to Rome

Today’s reading: Acts 27:1-26

Today we read the account of Paul’s journey by ship to Rome.  The first part of the voyage is relatively uneventful.  However, the last leg of the journey was treacherous as it was already late in the year and nearing winter when sailing was difficult.  Paul advises against attempting to make the journey but the captain and Paul’s centurion guard decide to attempt it.  They are blown off course and meet with a storm that lasts several days.

There are two takeaways from this chapter.  First, notice that at this point Luke, the author of the book of Acts, starts referring to what happens with “we”.  It is generally accepted that he accompanied Paul on this part of the journey.  In reading the passages it reads as if it is an account by someone who was there and kept notes during the voyage.  Second, notice that at the end of the trip Paul tells his shipmates that an angel has told him that the ship will be lost but that they will survive because Paul is destined to go to Rome and testify to Caesar.  This shows that everything that happens in our lives, including great difficulties, are ultimately meant to serve God’s purpose.

Tomorrow: Acts 27:27-44

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