Day 153 – True Wisdom of God

Today’s reading: 1 Cor 2

Paul speaks today is some difficult and poetic styled writing.  He is trying to make the Corinthians understand that it is not their wisdom, or the wisdom of an eloquent preacher, or the wisdom of a wise ruler that is responsible for their salvation.  Rather, it is solely the wisdom of God, through the Holy Spirit that enlightens their minds and enlivens their souls.

Paul’s purpose in telling this to the Corinthians seems to be to take them down a notch.  Or, perhaps more correctly, to remind them that they are relatively still young and have a lot to learn.  He tells them, “yet among the mature we do impart wisdom”, implying that they have not reached the point of maturity yet.  In the end, Paul’s point is that God’s true wisdom is hidden.  If it were not, regular rules, both religious and secular, would readily discern it.  However, it is not easily discernable, rather it is revealed by the Spirit to the faithful in God’s time.

Tomorrow: 1 Cor 3

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