Day 182 – Straight out of the Bible

Today’s reading: 2 Cor 13

Sometimes you hear the charge that the Mass is not biblical.  That charge holds true only as far as the first sentence said by the Priest at Mass.

“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”

Of course, that is taken directly from today’s reading.  Now, the mass is long and we could parse it out and show the Biblical basis for other parts.  Most obviously, that every mass begins with one reading from the Old Testament, a reading of one of the Psalms, a reading from the New Testament and a reading from the Gospels. However, what’s important to take away here today is not just that the Mass contains direct quotations from the Mass.

Notice in today’s reading Paul is pretty upset with the Corinthians.  He’s threatening them with discipline when he arrives.  Yet he still wishes them this profound blessing when he closes his letter.  This corresponds to what we read yesterday that’s God power is made great in our weakness.  Paul recognizes the weakness of the Corinthians but that will not serve to hinder his love for them.  He knows that this weakness will serve to glorify God.  Indeed, it has in the most straightforward way, buy being written into this letter which comes down to us today in the Scripture.

Tomorrow: Romans 1

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