Day 191 – Inheritors of the Promise to Israel

Today’s reading: Romans 9

Today’s reading Paul deals with the difficult question of why some Jewish people, who were part of Israel and the covenant, are not saved or more specifically, why they have not converted and therefore become saved.  Paul says that not all the people who are descendants in the flesh of Israel are also descendants of the promise of the covenant.  Rather, says Paul, if you accept the promise then you are descendants of the covenant.  Paul then defends God’s actions.  Basically, he says that God has mercy on those who accept his promise.  Paul also says that God hardens the hearts of those who reject the promise.  God does this to turn your rejection to his glory.  Finally, it was Israel’s refusal to have faith but to seek salvation only through observance of the law which hardened them and prevented them from seeing Jesus for who he is.

Overall, Paul is clearly greatly distressed by how this played out.  We, as Catholics and inheritors of the promise of the new covenant, must be on guard that we don’t fall into this same trap.  Often, we can rightly be accused by Protestants of exactly that. However, following a faith life encouraged by the Church, with spiritual reading, devotions particularly the rosary, following the liturgical year, regularly attending Mass can and will break through an indifferent faith life and strengthen your interior life and relationship with Jesus.

Tomorrow: Romans 10

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