Day 222 – The Healing of Peter’s Mother

Today’s reading: Like 4:31-44

In today’s reading, we are told that Jesus heals the mother of Simon Peter.  Of note, the healing happens in Capernaum and on the Sabbath.  Recall that many key events in the Gospel, including the Bread of Life discourse, happen in Capernaum.  Also, this healing, as well as the healing of many others and casting out of many demons happen on the Sabbath.  In other instances when Jesus healed on the Sabbath it raised a backlash from the Pharisees.  In this case, it passes uneventfully.  Either Jesus’ preaching has put a rest to this issue or he doesn’t face it here because he is on his home turf.

After preaching in the synagogue Jesus goes to Simon’s house.  Simon’s mother-in-law lives there and she is sick with a fever.  Jesus cures her and she waits on them.  These two facts, that Simon’s wife is not mentioned and that his mother-in-law does the serving, are traditionally interpreted to imply that Simon had been widowed.

After dinner and as the sun was setting many people brought the sick to the house.  Jesus cured them all, including casting out many demons.  The demons repeatedly confess that they know who Jesus real identity.  However, Jesus silences them all as he is not ready for the fullness of his identity to be revealed.

Tomorrow: Luke 5:1-26




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