Day 224 – The Question of Fasting

Today’s reading: Luke 5:27-39

In today’s reading, Jesus explains that it is not necessary for his disciples to fast because during the time that Jesus with them it is like bridegroom being at the wedding feast.  What is important, however, is that Jesus states that,

The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast in those days.” Luke 5:35

So after Jesus has left the time to fast will return.  That time is now.  Of course, in a certain way Jesus is always with us.  However, Jesus is no longer bodily present in the world and thus we should be fasting.  What’s interesting is to ask yourself … where are the protestant days of fasting?  Occasionally, you get a random protestant church that might fast during Lent.  However, these are usually, individuals who have adopted the practice or a random church here or there that practice fasting.  Large Protestant denominations have largely given up the practice.  This is another telltale sign that the Catholic Church is the one true Church.

Tomorrow: 6:1-31

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