Day 244 – You Cannot Only Do the Minimum

Today’s reading: Luke 17

Today we read Jesus example of a servant who comes in from working in the field.  Jesus points out that his work is not done but rather, even after having worked all day, the still must prepare supper for the master.  The servant was not entitled to praise and reward simply because he had fulfilled what was required of him.  After he had done more, the servant was then allowed to take his food and rest. Jesus ends the example saying:

So should it be with you. When you have done all you have been commanded, say, ‘We are unprofitable servants; we have done what we were obliged to do.’” Luke 17:10

This is often our mindset.  After a hard morning, a hard day or a hard week at work we want to “take the weekend off”, go out, or waste a day away.  Indeed, rest is important, and the Lord sets aside the Sabbath to help us keep that in mind.  However, there is always more work to do for the Lord.  We must have a mindset of service and seek to do all we can for the master.

Tomorrow: Luke 18:1-17

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