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Bible 1 Yr – Day 90 – Out come the knives.

Old Testament There are a few interesting tidbits in today’s OT reading. First, we see the quotation of the “shema” (pronounced sha-ma). This is the most fundamental Jewish prayer. My old Jewish grandmother used to say it at least 10 … Continue reading

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Bible 1 Yr – Day 16 – The Binding of Isaac

Today we read one of the most famous scene in the Old Testament, Genesis 22, in which God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. This story is traditionally referred to as “the Binding of Isaac”. Modern readers tend to … Continue reading

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Blood of the New Martyrs – Persecutions of Christians in Iraq

The news and social media is a blaze with the reports of persecutions and killings of Christians and other minorities in Iraq by the terrorist group ISIS.  It’s practically impossible to keep up with the latest reports of the brutal … Continue reading

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